The documentary, The Roots Awaken, is a hopeful story about how indigenous communities in Ecuador, despite their differences in traditions, are connected to each other through their sacred relationship with nature. Told through the narration of a young woman, the film begins as people from South to North America gather together at the “Kumbre Konciencia Global,” which takes place on an ancient pyramid located on 0’0”, Cochasqui, Ecuador. This gathering was an assembly to create a culture of peace surrounding the topics of ancestral medicine, technology, and nature. From the gathering, we follow the ceremonies of each community as they pray to maintain their culture and sacred traditions in the face of globalization and to resist environmental destruction.  In this increasingly fast paced world, how do the elders pass on their ancient wisdom to the youth? From Ayahuasca ceremonies in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, to protests using music in the streets of Quito, the film explores the importance of prayer in the presence of culture.

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